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Bev's Angel's

​Spring 2020
In preparation for Mothers Days the children made their own cards, choosing various colours and patterns to decorate them.  Here are some of the lovely designs!!


​Autumn 2019 Autumn 2018

Linking with the themes of Autumn, we made outdoor bird feeders and a 'bird hunt' to identify the different birds by size and colour. We also enjoyed a visit to the pumpkin farm to pick our own pumpkins. We loved finding pumpkins all different colour and shape. 

Summer 2019

Here at Bev's Angel's we've had a fun packed time.  We have never stopped regardless of the weather!!!!

My children have enjoyed days out to Beamish Open Air Museum, the beach (of course a cheeky ice cream!), the Cinema, library, play parks & crazy golf!

We have been lucky enough to have some hot weather so the children enjoyed playing with the water slide in the garden!!

Our garden peas are also growing nicely & ready to eat soon!

Also we now have a garden kitchen for mud pie making. Which the children love.

Winter 2018

We celebrated Diwali, with each child making their own festival lantern and also exploring new foods during February to link with Chinese New Year.

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